Welcome to the blue revolution

Launched in 2016, Azul Mediterráneo was an instant success, confirming that the market was ready for a Chardonnay with a twist. In 2017 we are launching three more variations in addition to our Classic; Dry, Frizzante and Brut Nature. This is truly a blue revolution!

Azul Mediterráneo was born out of the desire to make something different, something which would excite people. With the clear blue colour being 100% natural we believe that we have launched a product that is truly unique. Anthocyanins which give us the colour are powerful antioxidants, and thus have anti – aging properties. They are protective against cellular oxidative stress, as with most of flavonoids has been able to establish a link between regular consumption of foods rich enantocianina and a lower incidence of a variety of malignancies.