A tribute to the Mediterranean sea

Azul Mediterráneo is dedicated and made as a tribute to the blue Mediterranean sea for its beautiful blue colour. Is a revolution idea and brings passion to your life and your party. Azul Mediterráneo is made from chardonnay grapes, and it is blue thanks to a natural pigment called anthocyanin. This pigment is extracted from the skin of blue grapes and is mixed with the broth until the chardonnay grape colour that characterizes AZUL MEDITERRÁNEO.

Spain and the Mediterranean sea is for many the perfect combination. Great food, great wine, great weather, great beaches. The Spanish way of life is living the good life, and it is a healthy life style. Now we are bringing Spain to you, through Azul Mediterráneo. As we say in Spain: arriba- up / abajo –down / al centro- to the center / pa dentro –inside / Salud- Health! Enjoy your blue revolution with AZUL MEDITERRÁNEO.